Workshop: Multimodal generative installations and interactive music system

Jônatas will present a Seminar  Workshop – and demonstrations – related to our investigation on multimodal generative installations and interactive music system. We are going to discuss immersive and interactive spaces in which is possible to generate, analyse and storage multimodal information (audio, video, images, human movement and bio-signals) as interactive environment for multimodal performance. Our research aims to develop and deploy integrated theoretical and technological framework that, through the enactive merging of physical and virtual sources of stimulation deliver novel ways of technologically mediated perception and interaction with digital media. Moreover, immersion in such systems might induce a unified implicit and explicit experience, facilitating creativity, discovery and understanding by both expert and novice users. In order to describe interaction and the generative design in such environments, we present recent results found in implementing and performing with interactive multimodal soundscapes, digital sound synthesis, virtual instruments and interaction with mobile devices over the Internet. This presentation is the partial result of six months sabbatical from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in collaboration with the SPECS Group at the Centre for Neuro-Robotics and Autonomous Systems (N-RAS), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and with a grant from the State of São Paulo Research Agency (FAPESP). The interactive audio-visual system was developed at the SPEC’s Experience Induction Machine (XIM) Laboratory, starting in September 2015.


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