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Interdisciplinary Research in Sound and Music: Methodologies and Perspectives

We are pleased to announce the online event “Interdisciplinary Research in Sound and Music: Methods and Perspectives”. This event is a collaboration between the laboratories of NICS-Unicamp in Campinas, Brazil and CNRS-PRISM in Marseille, France. The event will bring together researchers from both institutions who will explore the world of interdisciplinary research in sound and music in 2 panels:

Panel 1 – Sound synthesis and ecological perception

Jônatas Manzolli (NICS-Unicamp)
Sølvi Ystad (CNRS-PRISM)
Samuel Poirot (CNRS-PRISM)

The panel will focus on exploring various applications of sound synthesis in musical composition, as well as the creation of environmental and instrumental sounds. The discussion on sound synthesis in musical composition will explore self-organized systems using non-linear synthesis techniques. These approaches aim to enhance the creative process mediated by sound metaphors. The potential of sound synthesis to contribute to the study of perception will be discussed from two methodological perspectives: analysis-by-synthesis and the ecological paradigm of perception. The possibilities of incorporating action, movement and haptics into a multimodal approach to sound synthesis will also be explored. Finally, sound synthesis techniques based on signal and physical modeling are discussed. Sound examples are presented to illustrate the concept of perceptual invariances for sound source recognition.

Panel 2 – Musical texture analysis and creative process

Stéphan Schaub (NICS-Unicamp)
Mylène Gioffredo (InCIAM – CNRS-PRISM/ CGGG)
Micael Antunes (NICS-Unicamp/ CNRS-PRISM)

The panel aims to explore different approaches to the composition and analysis of sound textures in the 20th and 21st centuries. As different ways of conceiving and constructing such sonic elements can be observed in an increasing number of musical works composed in the last century or so, the importance of gaining analytical insight into them has also increased. Technological mediation and the expansion of the study of timbre and perception open up new perspectives in this direction. So too does the analysis of the creative process through the study of sketches, texts, and recordings. The lectures and discussions will focus on two main questions: How do composers’ different poetic perspectives influence the choice of techniques in the composition of instrumental sound textures? How do different musicological sources and methodologies contribute to their study? To illustrate and ground its discussions, the panel will draw on case studies of works by composers Iannis Xenakis, György Ligeti and Clara Iannotta.

Date: 9 November 2023, at 9:00 (Brasília)/ 13:00 (Paris)